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Chinese journalist decries media blackout on Algeria awarding Chairman Mao a posthumous prize [translation and netizen reactions]

(From Sina Weibo, the most popular micro blogging service in China)

(Published 2012-12-30 10:30 by Sina Weibo user “Xinhua New’s Agency’s Zhu Jidong” (新华社朱继东), who has 12,643 followers. This post has been forwarded 1,034 times and has 313 comments.)

What is so embarrassing about Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou being awarded a prize that few media outlets have reported on it?

The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Algerian embassy in China held the “Contribution to Algerian Independence Award” award ceremony on December 26, giving awards to Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai, both of whom passed away 36 years ago. This is of course a good thing that should have been reported widely, but it didn’t receive much coverage except for one CCTV news report that was broadcast at 10.00 pm when there aren’t many viewers. Is this because someone did not allow coverage of this event, or is it because reporters were afraid to cover it because of something?


Screenshots from a China Central Television broadcast of the "Contribution to Algerian Independence Award" award ceremony held in Beijing on December 26. Mao Zedong and former Chinese premier Zhou Enlai were given posthumous awards, which were received by their family members.

Screenshots from a China Central Television broadcast of the “Contribution to Algerian Independence Award” award ceremony held in Beijing on December 26. Mao Zedong and former Chinese premier Zhou Enlai were given posthumous awards, which were received by their family members.



Constant effort brings success 823: China today has the following fears: first, a fear of Mao Zedong Thought; second, a fear of the persistence of adherence to the Party’s goals; third, a fear of the persistence of the socialist system of public ownership; fourth, a fear of the people becoming their own masters; fifth, a fear of the free airing of opinions, of big-character posters and of mass debate. In short, China today is afraid that the sunlight of Mao Zedong Thought will shine on the country. (Published 2013-01-03 10:30)

水滴石穿823:当今中国有几怕:一怕毛泽东思想;二怕坚持党的宗旨;三怕坚持公有制的社会主义制度;四怕人民当家做主;五怕大鸣大放, 大字报大辩论。一句话:怕毛泽东思想的阳光普照中国大地。 (1月3日 21:30)


The tiger still returns: That they are afraid is a certainty. Why they are so afraid is the question that merits exploration. (Published 2012-12-31 09:20)

老虎依旧归来:他们怕那是肯定的了,就是他们为啥这样怕,这就值得探讨了。 (2012-12-31 09:20)


Playing the sound of triumph in 2013: There was no need to be afraid since reporting on it was banned. This is because “Mao Zedong” is an outdated topic. It seems that playing the same old tune doesn’t exactly conform to authorities’ current strategy of “keeping up with the times.” (Published 2012-12-31 08:48)

凯歌奏响2013:既没有不让报,也用不着怕啥,因为“毛泽东”本就是一个过时的话题,老调重弹似乎不太符合当局目前的“与时俱进”的战略 (2012-12-31 08:48)


Cop has arrived: They are afraid Chairman Mao will be resurrected in the hearts of the people! (Published 2012-12-31 00:45)

cop来了:怕毛主席在越来越多的老百姓心中复活! (2012-12-31 00:45)


Brother’s kindness is a conjecture: Mao Zedong will seek out the persons in charge of the mainstream media for a chat over tea. The three characters 毛泽东 [Mao Zedong] are enough to frighten all media chiefs to death. Of course, there’s also the head of the Central Publicity Department. (Published 2012-12-30 12:37)

[Trans.: The Central Publicity Department is an internal division of the Chinese Communist Party that enforces media control in China.]

哥的恩个猜想:毛泽东要找主流媒体负责人谈话喝茶了。毛泽东三个字,足以吓死所有媒体负责人。当然还有中宣部的头头。 (2012-12-30 12:37)


[Trans.: Global Net wrote a short article about the award, which was published 2012-12-28 10:38, and has 118 comments. Below is a selection of those comments.]


Chen Ziqing [Netizen from Xingtai, Hebei]: Awesome! (4 likes)



eatyeat [Netizen from Baoshan, Shanghai]: There are a several billion people who adore Mao Zedong. He didn’t give us any money, but he gave us a happy life. Look, Deng Xiaoping gave us lots of money, but people are now fleeing to go overseas. The money he gave helps the forces of evil. Greedy officials engage in corrupt practices without regard for how many people they harm. Long live Mao Zedong Thought!!! (157 likes)

eatyat[环球上海市宝山区网友] 有几十亿人热爱毛主席他沒有给我们多少钱他给了我们幸福生活,看看现在邓小平给了这帮牛鬼蛇神滿屋的钱却都逃到国外,贪官贪了再想贪不知害了多少人,毛泽东思想万岁!!! 支持[157]


Zero view of the world [Netizen from Hefei University of Technology]: I remember that there is a saying in American military circles that goes “Do not be afraid of China’s military modernizing, but be afraid of China’s military adopting Mao Zedong Thought”. I have to say that the older generation of revolutionaries was audacious in its handling of matters involving the security interests of the nation. (262 likes)

[Trans.: Leftists (“The New Left”) in China often criticize the government for its supposed support of capitalism and for allegedly not defending the national interests of China against Japan, the US and other Western countries.]

零观天下[环球合肥工业大学网友]:记得美国军界有一句话,不怕中国军队现代化,就怕中国军队毛泽东化 …不得不说,老一辈革命家在处理关乎国家安危利益时确实有魄力。支持[262]


xmy38700 [Netizen from Zhangjiakou, Hebei]: Deng Ping whatever assigned Chairman Mao an accomplishment rating of 70 percent. That rating is a rating that is only appropriate for him. His disciples and followers are also trying by any means necessary to obliterate Chairman Mao’s achievements, but the people will not agree. (95 likes)

xmy38700[环球河北省张家口市网友]: 邓凭什么给毛主席三七开,那只能代表他自己,他的徒子徒孙也在千方百计抹杀毛主席的功绩,可百姓不答应。支持[95]


Indignation and Justice [Netizen from Changsha, Hunan]: A little late is always better than never. (16 likes)


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