“African gigolo-gate” scandal takes over the internet in China

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(From Sina Weibo, the most popular micro blogging service in China)

(Published by E-magazine on 2012-01-02 20:47. As of 2012-01-03 11:34, this post had been forwarded 9,950 times and had 2,369 comments)

Shocking Sinopec “African Gigolo-gate” Scandal: Sinopec and Agilent were involved in behind-the-scenes misconduct related to Sinopec’s 18 billion yuan ethylene project in Wuhan. Agilent treated the wealthy, female Sinopec official in charge of tenders for the project to “black dragon playing with the pearl,” a “G-spot massage” and other personal services provided by two big, tall, domineering and powerful African gigolos. After this, Sinopec illegally awarded Agilent the project. Sinopec says the incident is being investigated and the results of the investigation will be revealed.

E-magazine: 中石化惊天大丑闻“非洲牛郎门”:中石化和安捷伦公司在投资180亿元的中石化武汉乙烯项目中行暗箱操作,安捷伦请负责招标的中石化某高官二代女处长享受 了两位高大威猛的“非洲牛郎”的“G点按摩”、“乌龙戏珠”等贴身服务后,中石化在评标过程中让安捷伦非法中标获利! 中石化称正在核实,将披露实情1月2日20:47



Tian Nanfan: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, please investigate the female Sinopec department head’s G-spot (Published 2012-01-03 12:55)

[The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is an organization of the Communist Party of China charged with rooting out corruption and malfeasance.]

田南帆: 请中纪委查查中石化女处长的G点。 (12:55)


The public pages of the Buddhist philosopher: Female leaders also have needs (Published 2012-01-02 23:05)



The philosopher who still doesn’t understand micro blogs: Cowherd and Weaving Maid! (Published 2012-01-02 22:44)

[Gigolo is the secondary meaning of the Chinese characters for cowherd (牛郎). Cowherd and Weaving Maid (牛郎织女) is a classical Chinese love story.]

終究还不懂微博达人:牛郎织女! (1月2日22:44)


Wu Renren is amazing: The first hot topic of 2013 has come into being, African Gigolo-gate. Sinopec’s female department head has really peculiar fetishes. (Published 2012-01-02 22:30)



RLinkin: Fuck, as expected, black and hard is tasty (Published 2012-01-03 22:19)

RLinkin:我去,果然黑又硬吃香啊 (1月2日22:19)


Sinopec responds to female department head’s “Africa gigolo-gate”: will investigate

(From iFeng.com, a popular website owned by the Hong-Kong based Phoenix Television)

(Published 2013-01-02 21:23, with 464 comments as of 2013-01-02 13:30)

China Youth Net report, January 2, Beijing, by Zhou Xiao Lu: A revelation by an insider mired one female Sinopec department head in the “African gigolo-gate” incident, bringing Sinopec into the vortex of public opinion.

The “African gigolo-gate” incident that this source exposed refers to Agilent Co.’s use of an African “gigolo” to seduce a female department head in Sinopec’s International Business Department while bidding for Sinopec’s 18 billion yuan ethylene project in Wuhan. Behind-the-scenes manipulation took place, such that during the evaluation of the bids, Sinopec illegally reduced Agilent’s costs by USD$300,000 and awarded Agilent the project…

中石化回应女处长“非洲牛郎门”:将会核实 2013年01月02日 21:23

来源:中国青年网 作者:周小璐


这 位知情人爆料的“非洲牛郎门”事件,是指安捷伦公司在中石化武汉乙烯项目中,利用非洲“牛郎”色诱招标公司中石化国际事业公司的一位女处长,在投资180 亿元的中石化武汉乙烯项目中进行暗箱操作,在评标过程中让安捷伦非法降价30万美元低价中标,又相互配合威逼利诱武汉乙烯的用户,迫使他们同意将中标方案 中一套价值80万美元的软件换成成本不足10万美元的软件,最终,安捷伦不仅非法中标,还多赚了40万美元。



记 者查阅了《中华人民共和国招标投标法》,其中第三十二条规定:投标人不得与招标人串通投标,损害国家利益、社会公共利益或者他人的合法权益。第四十三条: 在确定中标人前,招标人不得与投标人就投标价格、投标方案等实质性内容进行谈判。第四十六条:招标人和中标人应当自中标通知书发出之日起三十日内,按照招 标文件和中标人的投标文件订立书面合同。招标人和中标人不得再行订立背离合同实质性内容的其他协议。


Top comments


Mobile phone user [iFeng netizen from Xinjiang]: Men and women should be equal! Why can’t a female department head do the things that a male department head can do? That female department has brought honor to Sinopec. I support her!  (Published 2013/01/02 22:15) 9,430 likes

凤凰网新疆网友 [手机用户]: 男女应该平等!男处长能做的事女处长为什么不能 做?支持女处长为石化争光 发表日期:2013/01/02 22:15 推荐 [9430]


the8thpawnshops [iFeng netizen from Beijing]: African people’s penises are large. That Sinopec female department head deserves the death penalty. (Published 2013/01/02 22:23) 5,003 likes

[Translator: Yes, there is no connection at all between those two sentences]

凤凰网北京市网友[the8thpawnshops]:非洲人的弟弟大,中石化那个女处长死刑也值了发表日期:2013/01/02 22:23 推荐 [5003]


wpg481: Sinopec has always had a culture of deceiving one’s superiors and deluding one’s subordinates. In 2001, they reported one thing to their superiors, while doing a completely different thing to their subordinates and laying off a million people. Up till now, they haven’t given an explanation. They treat people in a very high-handed manner. (Published 2013/01/02 22:05) 2,916 likes

wpg481:中石化历来都是欺上瞒下,2001年上报一套、下做一套,赶走了百万员工,至今不给说法,真的是太霸道。发表日期:2013/01/02 22:05 推荐 [2,916]


Mobile phone user [iFeng netizen]: All companies that have names with the prefix “China” conduct bids in this way. (Published 2013/01/02 ) 2,832 likes

凤凰网中国网友 [手机用户]:只要是中字头。企业’都是这样招标的 发表日期:2013/01/02 22:04 推荐 [2382]


Mobile phone user [iFeng netizen from Beijing]: This is actually quite normal. Which large project isn’t like this? If it isn’t, then they use other various methods to gain an advantage. Did you really think they serve common people?

凤凰网北京市网友[手机用户]: 实属正常现象,那个大项目不是这样,不然谁会利用各种手段去获取权利,你以为真是为百姓服务呀。发表日期:2013/01/02 22:08 推荐[2164]

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