Chinese citizens evacuated from the Central African Republic


Rebels in the Central African Republic, who are seeking to overthrow the government, have advanced closer to the capital of Bangui. Image from


China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying held a press conference December 31 at which she announced that Chinese citizens were being evacuated from the Central African Republic. Image from

(From Sina Weibo, the most popular micro blogging service in China)

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When the situation in the Central African Republic started worsening, our embassy in the country immediately started providing 24-hour emergency services, helping and organizing for Chinese citizens to leave on a voluntary basis.

From December 27, citizens were evacuated safely and in an orderly manner through commercial flights or chartered flights to Cameroon, Congo Bissau, Sudan, Angola, other nearby countries or back to China.

As of December 31 at 2:00 pm, 239 of the 303 Chinese citizens who were previously in the Central African Republic (not including embassy personnel) had been evacuated.

[Rebels in the Central African Republic have taken over several towns in the country, saying that they want to depose President Bozize for not releasing political prisoners and not paying fighters who were disarmed after Bozize successfully lead a coup in 2003.]

[There was considerable confusion on Chinese micro blogs when news about the rebellion broke out because the Chinese characters for the Central African Republic (中非) are the same as the Chinese characters for China-Africa (中非)]

自中非局势恶化以来,我驻中非使领馆立即启动24小时应急值守,本着自愿原则,组织协调中方人员撤离。自 12月27日起,通过商业航班、包机安全有序撤往喀麦隆、刚果(布)、苏丹、安哥拉等周边国家,或返回国内。截止北京时间31日下午2时,中非303名中国公民(不含使馆人员)中239名人员已撤离。



Snow from Ailao Mountain: What happened to China-Africa?? (Published 2012-12-31 15:11)

哀牢山的雪:中非怎么了?? (2012-12-31 15:11)


Purple Smoke: What? What situation worsened? What exactly happened? (Published 2012-12-31 15:20)

紫玉生:啊?怎么恶化了?具体咋回事? (2012-12-31 15:20)


A miracle has arrived: China-Africa? When you say something, you should say it clearly! Don’t mislead the people! (Published 2012-12-31 16:01)

奇迹到了:中非?!说话要说清楚!别误导国民! (2012-12-31 16:01)


Ronnie is a bad person: I only realized it’s a country after reading everyone’s comments. Please be careful with your writing dear. (Published 2012-12-31 16:02)

Ronnie是坏人:看了诸位的评论才知道原来是个国家,求严谨亲 (2012-12-31 16:02)


I Want Law Net: Why would you go to these countries? Come back to the Celestial Empire where we wave high the paltry flags of competing on the basis of parental wealth/power/connections, giving bribes, toeing the Party line and having sex. Learn from corrupt officials and unscrupulous businesspeople; try to make a profit as much as possible. All generations of those who previously emigrated to the moribund West and those officials and businesspeople who hid themselves there should join together and dedicate themselves to saving the backward peoples in these regions and to bringing about mankind’s emancipation through moving forward on the correct path towards Communism. (Published 2012-12-31 15:49)

我要法网:去这些国家干吗,回到天朝咱们一起高举拼爹、行贿、站队、上床的渺小旗帜,象贪官奸商们学习,多多赚钱,早日移民垂死的欧美各国,与前期潜伏在那的官商一代二代们会合,为解救这些落后地区人民,为实现人类解放走向共产主义正道作出贡献。 (2012-12-31 15:49)

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